Shoelace Marketplace

Shoelace Marketplace

Buy some stuff – and support Ian! The marketplace contains shoelaces and accessories from selected merchants, my own Android and iOS app "Ian's Laces", my own book "Laces" (2007) plus other shoelace books.

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Table of Contents

Buy Shoelaces Buy Shoelaces

I don't sell any shoelaces myself (due to the expense of shipping from Australia). Instead, I present a range of popular styles from selected merchants in different parts of the world.

Buy Shoelace Accessories, Devices & Gadgets Buy Shoelace Accessories

This section contains various shoelace accessories, devices and gadgets, which are either for function (such as keeping laces tied) or for appearance (such as decorative charms).

Buy Ian's Laces app for Android and iOS Buy Ian's Laces App

NEW! Just released for Android (plus an existing iOS version). Provides all of this website's Shoe Lacing Methods in super-high-resolution – even without Internet access. Support Ian – buy the app!

Buy Ian's book 'Laces' Buy Ian's Book "Laces"

My book, "Laces", was published back in 2007. Like the website, this book is the world's most comprehensive reference about shoelaces. Sadly, "Laces" is now out of print, so copies are getting ever more scarce.

Buy Other Shoelace Books Buy Other Shoelace Books

This section presents a selection of shoelace related books, each with my own personal assessment, available through the trusted on-line bookstore

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