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Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot diagram

Also known as the “Double Slip Knot”, this is a secure shoelace knot with a simple, symmetrical method of tying. Cross two loops and pass them both through the “hole” in the middle. This is a shoelace knot that won't come undone on its own!

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the many delightful e-mails and testimonials that I've received about my Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot. If you'd also like to send some feedback, please Contact Ian.

General Feedback

I was always the one in my group needing to stop and re-tie my loose shoelaces. It was not just socially embarassing, it also interfered with going jogging or hiking. When I was in college, I found your Ian's Secure Shoelace knot, tried it, and I haven't had to worry about it for almost 10 years now!

Just the other day I was running with a friend whose laces came undone. I told them to ask me after we were done and I'd show them a knot I found on the internet from this crazy guy Ian who studied shoelace knots scientifically. Well, sure enough, he remembered to ask me and I showed him. Today he says he's never going to need to double-tie his laces and struggle to get them undone again, because your knot simply stays done.

– Sascha L, Jun-2018

Personally, up till now I've used the Standard, then added another Granny knot on top. It holds, but a nuisance to undo sometime.

I have now changed to your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot. What a beauty! And unties so easily. This is what I'm teaching my nephew now.

– Dr Matt W., NSW, Australia, Dec-2017

Thank you, Ian, for the information about secure shoelace knots. The standard bow doesn't hold well with round or thick laces, and at my age bending is difficult and there isn't always somewhere to sit down. The extra moment to tie a secure knot saves the time and strain of repeated retying.

– David, IL, USA, Dec-2015

This is probably the greatest discovery in knot shoe history! The day I learnt this about year a so ago, never has it been undone. No matter what scenario, for example I play sports a lot, normal knots have caused injury for me, since I've used this knot even after the session the knot was perfect and strong. Finally I used a normal knot to compare with this, the normal knot was undone within 10 minutes!

– (Anonymous), Sep-2013

I have begun to employ the knot on my shoes (with round laces) and you are right...it works!

– Terry V., New York, USA, Apr-2007

Many of the secure knots, both yours and the surgeons, are a major improvement over what I was using--the ugly knot that stays secure but is miserable to untie, especially when wet or ice-impregnated.

– Russ, Kentucky, USA, May-2005

WOW, I've been tying ugly double knots in my shoes for as long as I've been alive.

I really like the secure knot, it comes out so nice!

– Bridget G., Apr-2005

I love the Ian's Secure Knot. It seems very easy and intuitive to tie.

– Robert G., Mar-2005

I am able to tie Ian's secure knot. It is wonderful. I have a pair of shoes that have often untied themselves with a regular shoelace knot. With Ian's secure knot I tie my shoes once, and know that they will not come untied.

– Jack T., Illinois, USA, Mar-2005

Hello Ian, after 40 years I found the perfect way to knot my shoelaces. No more dubble slipknots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Paul, Grootebroek, the Netherlands, Feb-2005

For my running, “Ian's Secure Knot” is definitely the way to go, though I use the “Double Starting Knot” for step 1. For everyday use, “Ian's Knot” is great, and quick.

– Jim G., Canada, Jan-2005

I have been using your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot with absolutely amazing success. I don't know if it is the shoe or lace construction of shoes in recent years, but I can't seem to keep my laces tied, until now!

– Al S., New York, USA, Nov-2004

When I have time, I use the “Ian's Secure Knot”, but otherwise, the “Ian Knot” is awesome!

– Aaron, KS, USA, Oct-2004

Your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot really is great! I had resorted to double-knotting my laces because they kept slipping, but that resulted in a huge knot. Your knot has the same secureness, plus a small size. And your knot is immensely easier to untie!

– Rob M., Oct-2004

Your Secure Knot is great: solid, easy to tie, and good looking.

– Richard J., California, USA, Oct-2004

I did my morning run today with my shoes tied in the Ian Secure Knot. It was superior than the traditional knot in two ways. 1. I was sure it wasn't going to come loose on me. 2. It uses more of the string in the knot itself, so there isn't as much string flopping around. So count that as a success for sure.

– Rich N., Sep-2004

Using the Secure Shoelace knot, works a treat, my laces never come undone anymore!

– Eddie, Fiji Islands, Aug-2004

Just wanted to let you know that the Secure Knot works wonders. I play in an active sport and kept having my boots come untied, which was a pain when running on the field. Using your knot, I haven't had an issue since. Very cool.

– Dan C., USA, Jun-2004

i hate tying my shoes and the normal knot didnt hold for long, your secure knot worked really good at keeping my shoes tied.

– Missy C., Kansas, USA, Jun-2004

BUT i LIKE your secure knot style as it is a bunny ear double loop (in a way) i knew the surgeons knot but DUMB me, never thought to use it on laces...what an insight!

– Gil, Mar-2004

I tried all the different knots on your site and found the Ian's secure knot the most useful/easy. It's symmetrical loops made it easier for me to do than the plain Ian's knot. (Probably it would just need practice but anyway) My girlfriend however liked Ian's knot more.

– Timo S., Tampere, Finland, Feb-2004

Finally, a knot that keeps the @#$% round nylon laces of my shoes tied. I have not had to retie them once today AND there is no double knot that takes me a long time to untie.

– Chris S., Jan-2004

Finally after spending much time looking for a fast and secured way to tie my shoes, I have finally found one with your Ian's Secure Knot. It's truly secured and easy to use. My shoes seem even to fit and feel better with your Secure Knot. Thank you very much!

– Tam N., Jan-2004

Process of Learning Ian's Secure Knot

I've been looking for a more secure way to tie my work boots for a while now, and your Secure Knot, though tricky to tie the first few times is most definitely vastly more secure than any other knot I have tried.

– Mike I., Apr-2005

The first knot I tried was the Ian's Secure Knot. I liked it so much I didn't try any others.

– Henry T., Feb-2005

okay I think that I've lost the plot – here I sit on my computer trying out different knots (by the way I like this one best, I always seem to be doing up my laces – but NOT anymore!)
I can just imagine it now when my husband comes home.
'Did you have a busy day dear?'
'Oh yes, Ive learnt to tie my shoes differently' 

– Nadia, Apr-2004

I've been walking around, with one of the most terrible knots in the world! I've always wondered why my shoelaces keep coming undone, and now I know why. 10 minutes practise, and it seems like second nature.

– James C., Nov-2003

Teaching the Knot to Children

I have a 3.5 year old who loves to run and can never keep his shoelace tied by the day's end. I have tied double knots so his shoelace wouldn't come undone but would later have a terrible time undoing it. Your secure knot is a lifesaver ha!

– Audrey, USA, Feb-2005

We now use your web page to teach various types of tying at his elem school It was a safety issue before we taught Ian's secure knot, now they don't have to worry all day!

– Cher D., Jan-2005

I am teaching my 4 year old daughter to tie her shoes and this is THE ONE! I figure it will take one day longer than the normal “rabbit ears”.

– Bridget R., Apr-2004

Specific Applications of the Knot

I have switched to using your secure knot for all my shoes (I do a lot of sports and other activities in sports shoes). It is simply great. Easy to tie, no slippages, good looking.

– Christian L., Gemany, May-2005

i am a cinematographer by profession and the constant running, stooping, climbing, lifting always caused the laces of my boots to come loose. not anymore, since i learnt the “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” !. i sometimes use army style black boots, which have very slippery nylon laces, and the secure knot has never failed on those as well.

– Vincent T., Apr-2005

I like your secure knot. It works great on keeping my bracers in place. I do medieval reenactment and they were always coming untied during combat. Now they will stay on my forearms securely for most of the day.

– Rei K., Mar-2004

Hopefully I will remember the next time I tie ribbons in my daughters hair and will try this secure knot and see if they last her all day at school.

– Allison L., NZ, Apr-2004

I tried Ian's Secure Knot on my agressive skates, the knots haven't come loose yet! The knot also looks neat and cool compared to the knots my friend had tied in when he gave me the skates, thanks alot!

– Jones, PA, USA, Jan-2005

When I wear work-boots or athletic shoes they were always coming undone. Around the house this is a nuisance, on a construction site it can be fatal.

We have been passing on the information to all who will listen, willing or not.

– Mark C., Dec-2004

The rawhide laces on my boatshoes were always coming undone. However, I've just learned “Ian's Secure Knot” and I'm convinced my problem will now be only a faint memory.

– Ken H., Ohio, USA, Nov-2004

You solved an issue I was struggling with for quite some time with my boat shoes!

– Rob S., The Netherlands, Sep-2004

Nice one! My deckies are always coming undone...

– Digby F., Wilts, UK, Feb-2004

I tried Ian's secure knot because the regular tie of my hiking boots kept coming untied after a few miles. Your knot has stayed tied for many hikes into town and back.

– David S., May-2004

I've become a big fan of your secure knot. My hiking boots have had a habit of coming loose, but no more.

– Ed W., Dec-2004

Just got a pair of hiking shoes. They came with these thick, round laces. I could not take more than 20 steps before they would come undone. Slows the hiking down considerably. Tried your knot and it was much better. However, the Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot was the best for these laces.

– George E., Jan-2004

As for the secure knot, well it was easy to apply and it certainly lived up to its name. I use it now as a matter of course and wouldn't think of using anything else, especially with winter coming on and those snow boots having regulation slick and slippery laces.

– David C., Alberta, Canada, Sep-2004

I have switched to the secure knot for my work boots, running shoes, and hiking boots.

– Michael, Jul-2004

Celebrity Testimonials

The Number Games book

This is a must for busy people on the go, and especially for parents of kids who play football and seem to spend half the game trudging to the sidelines with that empty “mummy please help me” look on their faces.

Ian Fieggen loves his shoelaces – and even has testimonials to his knot on his webpage. Add me, Ian, this knot rocks!

– Adam Spencer (author, comedian, maths geek...), Australia.
– Excerpted from Adam's 2017 book: “The Number Games”.

The above are excerpts from some of the many delightful e-mails and testimonials that I've received about my Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot. If you'd also like to send some feedback, please Contact Ian.

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