Ian Knot Videos

The "Ian Knot", the world's fastest shoelace knot

(Mar-2011) – Original instructional video (about three minutes) showing the Ian Knot, the world's fastest shoelace knot, and comparing it to the two other most common (and slower) ways of tying shoelaces.

Ian Knot detailed tutorial (slower, in-depth)

(Aug-2014) – Detailed tutorial video (about five minutes) showing the Ian Knot much slower and more in-depth.

Extreme shoelace tying efficiency

(Jun-2012) – Super-short video (about five seconds) showing a shoe tightened and tied in about three seconds using the Ian Knot.

Ian Knot 30th anniversary

(Jun-2012) – Medium length video (about one minute) made on the 30th anniversary of the Ian Knot, recalling how I invented the knot back on 30-Jun-1982.

One-handed variation of my Ian Knot

(Jan-2013) – The Ian Knot can even be tied with one hand! Though not as blindingly fast as the two-handed “Ian Knot”, it is hopefully easier than some of the other one-handed shoelace knots.

Super-fast tying ten pairs of shoes

(Apr-2014) – Is my Ian Knot really the world's fastest shoelace knot? To find out, I tied ten pairs of shoes in quick succession, completing twenty shoelace knots in 24.6 seconds. That's only 1.23 seconds per knot!

Power Laces versus real shoelaces

(Oct-2015) – By 21-Oct-2015, many hoped that “Power Laces”, as seen in the 1980's movie “Back to the Future Part II”, would be a reality. In their absence, I show that existing low-tech shoelaces can at least be tied quickly with my Ian Knot or with magnetic “Zubits”.

Ian Knot vs ZeroTie shoes

(Feb-2017) – ZeroTie shoes are touted as “hands-free shoes”. I wanted to test how they stacked up against my Ian Knot, and the folks at ZeroTie were kind enough to send me a pair so I could do a head-to-head comparison video.

History of the Ian Knot

(Dec-2017) – This trip down memory lane shows the many surprising ways in which I've shared my Ian Knot with the world since inventing it 35 years prior.

How to tie the Ian Knot tightly

(Jan-2018) – When first learning the Ian Knot, it's difficult to keep everything tight while tightening the knot. This tutorial video shows a couple of the tricks I've developed over the years for tying the “Ian Knot” tightly.

ONE shoelace knot – SIX different techniques

(Jun-2018)– Fun fact: The standard bowknot – which most people use to tie their shoelaces – can be tied using multiple different techniques. Here I demonstrate SIX methods – including my own Ian Knot, which is by far the fastest.

Ian Knot tied with gloves on

(Jun-2019) – Besides being the world's fastest shoelace knot, the Ian Knot is also handy for tying shoelaces while wearing gloves – mainly because there are fewer complex manipulations.

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