Equality Knot Filming

In Oct-2017, PUMA sent a film crew down to our home to film a “profile piece” about Professor Shoelace and the Equality Knot. Here's some “behind the scenes” photos taken during that filming.

Photo Gallery

PUMA filming photo 1

1. Setting up

We shifted some furniture around in my office so that we could could use my wall unit – which is filled with sneaker and shoelace stuff – as a backdrop. The audio guy is currently fitting me out with a portable mike.

PUMA filming photo 2

2. Between shots

We've finished filming a bunch of questions and answers. Now the cameraman, the director and I are discussing what to film next.

PUMA filming photo 3

3. Heading outdoors

It was a great day to head outdoors and capture Professor Shoelace in his local environment. First stop was our nearby park, where we filmed action sequences of me walking in one of my pairs of PUMA sneakers.

PUMA filming photo 4

4. Ian and the crew

Heading out of the park, my partner, Inge, took this nice candid shot of me with three of the four crew (the audio guy had departed earlier).

PUMA filming photo 5

5. Rainbow flag

We even stopped to take some footage of this rainbow flag, which I'd noticed recently flying in the yard of a house overlooking a nearby walking track.

PUMA filming photo 6

6. Chelsea beach

Final stop was our local beach. Inge and I swim here almost daily during the warmer half of the year, but this was about a month too early. We thus made do with sitting on boatshed ramps and standing by the water's edge.


After about a half-day of filming, the crew headed off. Then it was the studio's turn to work their magic, resulting in a tight finished video of barely a minute and a half. So much good footage always seems to go to waste – and yet – the finished result didn't seem to lack anything. Kudos to the editors!

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