Experimenting with shoe lacing methods on a real shoe can be tedious. Create-a-Lace is a "virtual diagram" that makes it so much easier. Your creations can even be shared with others by simply sharing the URL.

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• Click ON eyelets to lace from the outside.

• Click BESIDE eyelets to lace from the inside.

• Click "Undo Last" to step back and edit lacing.

• Bookmark the page to save your creation.

• Share the URL to share your creation.

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Interactive lacing diagram. Click on (or beside) eyelets to lace. This section normally contains an interactive lacing diagram. If you cannot see this diagram, your web browser may not support .SVG format images. Please update your web browser.

Preset Method


Preset Methods

Existing Methods (62)

Two-One-Three Army Asterisk Bow Tie CAF Combat Boot Chevron C.I.A. (v1) C.I.A. (v2) C.I.A. (v3) C.I.A. (v4) C.I.A. (v5) C.I.A. (v6) C.I.A. (v7) Commando Corset Criss Cross Display Shoe Double Back (v1) Double Back (v2) Double Cross (v1) Double Cross (v2) Double Helix End Shortening (v1) End Shortening (v2) Escher Factory Footbag (v1) Footbag (v3) Footbag (v4) Gap (v1) Gap (v2) Gap (v3) Gippo Hash (v1) Hash (v2) Hash (v3) Hidden Knot Hiking / Biking Lattice (v1) Lattice (v2) Lattice (v3) Left Right Lightning One Handed Over Under Perspective Progressive (v1) Progressive (v2) Quick Tight Riding Boot Roman (v1) Roman (v2) Roman (v3) Sawtooth Shoe Shop (v1) Shoe Shop (v2) Starburst Straight Bar Straight Easy Straight European Supernova Winter Solstice

Pending Methods (46)

Barbed Wire Binary Supernova (v1) Binary Supernova (v2) Bunion Chucks Delilah Dense Lattice Diamond End Shortening Bow Tie End Shortening Roman Equality Figure 8 Flat Foot (v1) Flat Foot (v2) Focal Point Ian Infinity Interchange MN Number 5 Ollie Percentage (v1) Percentage (v2) Quick Brown Fox Quick Shoe Shop Richard's Boot Scouts Side Knotted (v1) Side Knotted (v2) Side Strain (v1) Side Strain (v2) Simpsons Skewed Spiral Square Wave Straight X Tatzenkreuz Tee Off Triple X Twin Starburst X over X Untitled (1) Untitled (2) Untitled (3) Untitled (4) Untitled (5) Untitled (6)

Unavailable Methods (31)

Angled Checker Cascade Checkerboard Cyclone Fence Dense Checker Double Double Cross (v3) Double Sided Footbag (v2) Footbag (v5) Half & Half Hexagram Hill Valley Knotted Knotted Segment Ladder Lock (v1) Lock (v2) Lock (v3) Locked D.Helix Loop Back Pentagram (v1) Pentagram (v2) Segmented Spider Web Train Track Twistie Ukrainian Waffle Woven Zig Zag Zipper

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