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ClipText Program
ClipText allows you to paste unformatted text Displays the Windows "clipboard" contents as plain text, then copies that text back to the clipboard. This is great when you want to copy something and paste elsewhere without the formatting (eg. fonts, colours, line spacing, etc). Also allows the clipboard to be emptied (eg. for privacy).

ClipText Program Details
Copy and Paste workflow diagram 1 The Problem With Copy & Paste:
The "Clipboard" is a valuable feature of Windows. Besides copying something repeatedly, it also simplifies the transfer of data from one application to another. Select something in one program, "Copy" it to the clipboard, switch to another program, "Paste" from the clipboard.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a nuisance that Windows copies all of the formatting along with the text. For example, try copying totals from a nicely formatted spreadsheet, then pasting just the totals into a report. Some programs have a "Paste Unformatted Text" option, but this is not always available.
Copy and Paste workflow diagram 2 Low-Tech Solution Using Notepad:
In the past, I used to get around this as follows:
  1. Select formatted text and Copy from Program 1;
  2. Switch to "Notepad" and Paste the text (losing the formatting in the process);
  3. Select un-formatted text and Cut from Notepad;
  4. Switch to Program 2 and Paste the un-formatted text;
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 as needed.
This worked OK, but it required three manual steps in Notepad: Paste, Select, Cut.
Copy and Paste workflow diagram 3 ClipText To The Rescue!
I therefore wrote this really basic program: "ClipText", to take over Notepad's role:
  1. Select formatted text and Copy from Program 1;
  2. Switch briefly to "Cliptext";
  3. Switch to Program 2 and Paste the un-formatted text;
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 as needed.
ClipText automatically performs the magic of converting the clipboard contents to un-formatted text, eliminating the three manual steps previously performed in Notepad.
ClipText Usage:
Besides converting the clipboard contents, ClipText also displays those contents, plus it has a button to empty the clipboard (eg. for privacy). ClipText is a tiny program that can be kept running while working between applications with multiple Copy and Paste operations.

I hope that you will enjoy using my simple ClipText program as much as I do.

Download ClipText version 1.40
Requires Windows (anything from Windows 95 onwards)
(Can also be run on Mac OS or Linux using a Windows emulator)
Download ClipText File name: ClipText1.exe
File Date: 27-Sep-2006
File size: 5,632 bytes (5.5Kb)
Download Instructions:
This will vary depending on the browser that you are using and the browser's security settings:
  • Click on the above link and either "Open" or "Run" the program directly;
  • Click on the above link and save the program to your computer;
  • Right-Click on the above link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to save the program to your computer.
The program can be saved directly to your Desktop or to somewhere within your Start menu.
Split Second Download:
Many people are surprised when the download completes almost instantly, even on a relatively slow Internet connection.

Don't panic, it's not a malfunction - it's simply because the ClipText program is so tiny!

At barely 1/180th of a megabyte, compared to several megabytes for most other programs, ClipText is one of the smallest programs available on the Internet today. It should take less time to download the program than it took to download this web-page!

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