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Most people learn how to tie their shoelaces around the age of five. It's one of those "rites of passage" of childhood, after which we take it for granted. Why then would anyone older than that visit a web site about tying shoes?

Parents & teachers often visit, looking for early learning materials. Adults look for self-help, either through having never learned correctly as a child or due to increasing infirmity. People whose shoelaces come undone look for a secure answer. Occupational therapists look for alternatives to suit different learning styles. Academics & lateral thinkers look for more efficient methods. Knot enthusiasts look for a reference. Sportspeople look for a competitive edge.

Whatever the reason, I'm sure you'll find something useful here about shoe tying!

Table of Contents
Shoelace Knots Shoelace Knots

Want to learn how to tie shoelaces? Whether you're after shoelace tying speed, simplicity, security or style, here's eighteen different shoelace knots to choose from, including several that I've created.

Shoelace Knot Comparison Knot Comparison

With so many knots to choose from, how do you decide which to use? This page compares both their functional and visual considerations feature by feature to help you choose.

Knot Ratings Knot Ratings

All of the shoelace knots on this site have the facility for visitors to give them a rating from 1 to 5 stars. Here, you can view the results of those ratings and compare the popularity of the various methods.

Knot Variations Knot Variations

All of the knots on my site were illustrated only one way - the same way that I tie them. While you are welcome to use your own variations, this page shows how to ensure that the finished knot still ends up secure.

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The 'Granny Knot' The "Granny Knot"

If your shoelaces always come undone, you may be tying an un-balanced "Granny Knot".

Tips for teaching children Teaching Children

Helpful tips for teaching children how to tie their shoelaces.

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