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Hash Lacing (Lug version)
A lug version of Hash Lacing. When used on modern boots and sneakers with a wide gap between the sides, the result resembles a diagonal series of hash "#" symbols.
Lug Hash Lacing diagram
Lacing Technique:
• Begin straight across the bottom (grey section) and in through the top of both bottom lugs.
• At each pair of lugs, cross the ends and feed in through the top of the next higher set of lugs. Repeat until lacing is completed.

Decorative look
Harder to tighten

Comparative Length = 113%
Laced area uses more (about +13%)
Longer laces needed (about +6%)
Shortens lace ends (about −12%)
More details
For more information and photos, see the eyelet version of Hash Lacing.

Lug Hash Lacing Gallery
Lacing photo
White Nike Air Max 180s with black trim and white Lug Hash Lacing (from Holly H)
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
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