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Fun, fashion & science in the Internet's #1 website about shoelaces. Whether you want to learn to lace shoes, tie shoelaces, stop shoelaces from coming undone, calculate shoelace lengths or even repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer!

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Lacing Shoes Lacing Shoes

Are all of your shoes, sneakers and boots still laced up the way they were when you bought them? This section presents some of the many fascinating ways of lacing, either for different functions or just for appearances. Why not take the plunge? Whip out those laces and re-do them to suit your needs or personality.

Tying Shoelaces Tying Shoelaces

Most people learn how to tie their shoelaces around the age of five. Why then would anyone older than that visit a web site about tying shoelaces? Whether you're a parent, teacher, occupational therapist, academic, knot enthusiast, or just after some self-help, there's something for you.

The 'Granny Knot' The "Granny Knot"

Do your shoelace bows sit vertically instead of across the shoe? Do your shoelaces always come undone? If so, you're probably tying an un-balanced "Granny Knot", and one simple change to your technique will result in a balanced knot that sits straight and stays secure.

Shoelace Lengths Shoelace Lengths

The rhetorical question: "How long is a piece of string?" is a serious question when it comes to shoelaces. Too long and the ends can drag or get stepped on. Too short and it can be difficult to tie a knot. This section should help you work out the ideal shoelace length.

Tips of Shoelaces = Aglets Tips of Shoelaces = Aglets

Many people search for shoelace "tips" or "ends" because they want to know the name of the plastic or metal bits at the ends of shoelaces. They're called "Aglets", and you can find out more about them here, including how to repair or replace them.

Shoelace Tips, Hints & Ideas Shoelace Tips, Hints & Ideas

This section contains all sorts of tips, hints and ideas about shoelaces. There's tips for teaching children, tips for sportspeople, tips for the elderly and disabled, plus general tips for everyone.

Shoelace Marketplace Shoelace Marketplace

Looking to buy shoelaces or related items? Ian's Shoelace Site doesn't yet have a web store, but in the marketplace you'll find selected merchants of shoelaces, accessories, gadgets, books (including my own book), as well as my iPhone app, "Ian's Laces".

Charity and Awareness Shoelaces Charity and Awareness Shoelaces

Ever noticed a group of people wearing the same color shoelaces? They're most likely part of a charity fundraiser or awareness campaign. Find out what the different colors represent, or better still, show your support by buying some shoelaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

You'll find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions here, mainly for the benefit of people typing those questions into search engines. It's also worth looking here before you send me a question for which I've already posted an answer.

Shoelace News Stories Shoelace News Stories

Shoelaces are common, useful items. Here's some links to recent news stories, where you'll discover some of the good and bad, happy and sad events either caused by or involving shoelaces.

Shoelace & Knotting Links Shoelace & Knotting Links

Here's some links to other shoelace and knot related web sites. Providing links is good "Netiquette", enabling the Internet to effectively become its own index.

Breaking News - 03-Feb-2015
PLGRM video of Professor Shoelace

PLGRM Video Release

In Dec-2014, the team from PLGRM filmed me as Professor Shoelace around the city of Melbourne. The resulting video has just been released!

Watch video here

Watch on YouTube

What's New?
Updated Shoelace News Stories Updated Shoelace News Stories

09-Mar-2015 - Added news story of a young child who injured her kidney after tripping on her shoelace.

Updated Shoelace News Stories Updated Shoelace News Stories

19-Feb-2015 - Added news story featuring shoelaces used as makeshift handcuffs until police arrived.

Added Straight Bar Lacing video Added Straight Bar Lacing video

17-Dec-2014 - As one of the most popular lacing methods on my website, Straight Bar Lacing was given the honour of being my first video to be filmed in full-HD courtesy of my new digital camera.

Updated Shoelace News Stories Updated Shoelace News Stories

29-Nov-2014 - Added two separate stories of fatalaties linked to shoelaces – one drowning incident and one farming incident.

Updated Shoelace Length Calculator Updated Shoelace Length Calculator

13-Nov-2014 - Updated Shoelace Length Calculator to accept and display both metric and imperial measurements.

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Shoe Lacing Photo of the Week
Black & white Puma sneakers with silver trim and black & white Pentagram Lacing (from Mark)


Black & white Puma sneakers with silver trim and black & white Pentagram Lacing (from Mark).

Close-up detail of Mark's Pumas showing the pinstriped Pentagrams.

More Lacing Photos

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