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Double Sided Lacing

Using two flat shoelaces on top of each other, or using a single shoelace with different colors on the front and back, will alternate those colors up the shoe.

Diagram for 8 pairs of eyelets

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Lacing Technique:

• Start with two different colored flat shoelaces, each the correct length for that shoe.

• Hold both flat shoelaces together to resemble a double-thickness, double-sided shoelace.

• Using that double-sided shoelace, lace the shoe normally as per Criss Cross Lacing. At each set of eyelets, alternate the color that sits uppermost.

• At the top of the shoe, once again hold the two ends at each side together as though they are one double-thickness shoelace and tie a regular Shoelace Knot.

Decorative look
Harder to tighten
Harder to tie

• When using two laces, ensure that they are fairly thin because each eyelet has to accommodate two layers of shoelace.

• To make tying easier, leave the ends of one color shoelace tucked into the top of the shoe and only tie with the remaining ends of the other color.

Double Sided Lacing Gallery
Lacing photo
Nike Mavrk 6.0s with Double Sided Lacing
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
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Double Sided Lacing Variations

The technique shown above is effectively a double sided variation of Criss Cross Lacing. However, the same double sided concept can be applied to ANY lacing method to turn it into a bi-color variation with alternating colors. See below for some photos of variations.

Photos of Variations (sent by site visitors)

Hover over any photo for details, or click to enlarge in the Shoe Lacing Photos page.

Shoelace Lengths for Double Sided Lacing
Pairs of eyelets: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Length needed for each color: 71 cm
28 inch
81 cm
32 inch
92 cm
36 inch
102 cm
40 inch
113 cm
44 inch
123 cm
48 inch
134 cm
53 inch
Lengths available: 27" 27" | 36" 36" 40" 45" 45" 54"
Comparative Length (each color shoelace):
Identical length shoelaces to those for basic Criss Cross Lacing.
• These are approximate shoelace lengths for using this lacing on an average sized sneaker.
• For more accurate lengths, use the Shoelace Length Calculator.

Double Sided Shoelaces
Mr Lacy Clubbies shoelaces Mr Lacy Clubbies:

These double-sided shoelaces from Mr Lacy are called "Clubbies" because they feature the team colors of popular soccer clubs. Creates the same bi-colored effect without the hassle of tightening and tying doubled-up shoelaces.

Buy Clubbies

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