Charity and Awareness Shoelaces

Charity and Awareness Shoelaces

Ever noticed a group of people wearing the same color shoelaces? They're most likely part of a charity fundraiser or awareness campaign. Find out what the different colors represent, or better still, show your support by buying some shoelaces.

Lace Up For Bones

Lace Up For Bones = National Osteoporosis Society (UK)

National Osteoporosis Society (U.K.)

Orange shoelaces with white writing, which you are encouraged to swap into your footwear, photograph during weight-bearing exercise and post the pics via your favourite social media using the hashtag: #laceupforbones. Funds raised will help the three million people in the UK who have osteoporosis.

Ed's Lace

Ed's Lace = Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) Association (U.K.)

One end of these blue-green shoelaces is cut to allow it to fray, representing the progressive nature of PSP and CBD. Funds raised go towards helping those in the U.K. living with PSP and funding research into the cause, treatment and eventually a cure.

Lace it Up

#laceitup = Youth Off The Streets

Youth Off The Streets (Sydney, Australia)

Bright blue shoelaces with white writing from a grassroots organisation that helps young people who are homeless, abused or suffering from addiction. Funds raised go towards providing accommodation, counselling, education and rehabilitation.

Tie it Teal

Tie It Teal = Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) (U.S.A.)

Teal shoelaces for spreading awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and showing support for women and families impacted by the disease. Funds raised go towards ovarian cancer research and programming.

Lime Green Laces

Haller = Community development in East Africa

Haller (U.K. / East Africa)

Lime green shoelaces from Haller, a U.K. company that helps develop communities in East Africa. Funds raised go towards an integrated set of programmes in water, farming, education, health, alternative energy and nano-enterprise.


DetermiNation = American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society (U.S.A.)

Blue shoelaces with white writing from the DetermiNation campaign, which encourages people to participate in a marathon or triathlon and to make their personal victory a triumph over cancer.

Wear the Laces

Wear the Laces = Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Red and cyan laces with white writing. Funds raised go towards providing year-round sports training for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Lace Up Save Lives

Lace Up Save Lives = Fight AIDS in Africa

Nike Red

Part of the broader (PRODUCT)RED fundraising and awareness campaign in the global fight against AIDS in Africa. All proceeds from the sale of Nike Red shoelaces go to the Global Fund.

Zaidee's Rainbow Laces

Zaidee's = Organ and Tissue Donation

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation (Australia)

Rainbow colours are in memory of Zaidee Turner, who died suddenly at the age of seven, and who became the only child in Victoria under the age of sixteen to donate her organs in that year. Funds raised go towards increasing awareness of organ and tissue donation in Australia.

Walk for Life Groningen

Walk for Life Groningen = Cancer

Walk for Life Groningen (The Netherlands)

Red, white and blue shoelaces (same colors as the Dutch flag). Funds raised go towards cancer research and the social effects of this disease for young people (18 - 28 years).

Do you have a fundraising and/or awareness program that involves shoelaces? Send me the details plus suitable images (or better still, send me a sample) and I'll be happy to include it on this page. Contact Ian

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