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Ian's Rants
Ian Fieggen pondering something, 1982 I think of all sorts of things. While many of my ideas come out of left field, some of them make great sense, although I admit that others are downright crazy. Whether they are thought provoking or just plain amusing, I trust you will gain something from reading my humble "Rants".
Supercede Superseded Supercede Superseded
The word 'supercede' seems to have been 'superseded'.
11-Nov-2011 Amazing Dates
Ian highlights some amazing dates & times, one of which is coming up late in 2011.
www = Triple-U Triple-U
We really need a simpler verbal phrase than "Double-U Double-U Double-U"!
Modest house on a modest block Property Developers
Do property developers have more rights than residents?
there, they're, their Microsoft Grammar
Ian does a bit of "Microsoft Bashing" using there (sic) own grammar checker.
Music file waveform Music Industry of the Future
Ian predicts the impact of music copying on tomorrow's music industry.
Radioactive nuclear waste Burying Nuclear Waste
Ian's alternative solution for the disposal of nuclear waste.
Floppy disk Files Too Big for Floppy Disks
Ian has a go at Microsoft for an obvious omission in operating systems.
Mirror image The Mirror Conundrum
Ian ponders why his image in a mirror isn't also upside down.
bough, cough, dough English Pronunciation
Ian demonstrates the difficulty of learning pronunciation in English.
Y2K = Year 2000 The Millennium Bug
Ian points out the short-sightedness of the "Y2K" (Year 2000) solution.
Car names Similar Car Names
Ian takes a stab at how the automotive industry invents their car names.

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