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Ian's Photos
Photos of Ian through the years, as well as selected photos that either show something truly worth sharing or happen to be particularly beautiful images.

Ian Through the Years
Ian Fieggen, 06-Jan-1963
Ian Fieggen, Mar-1967
Ian Fieggen, 1978
Ian Fieggen, 1982
Ian Fieggen, 1987
Ian Fieggen, Jan-1992
Ian Fieggen, 2013
Ian Fieggen, 04-Oct-2007
Ian Fieggen, 04-Oct-2007
Ian Fieggen, 1993
Ian Fieggen, 11-Jun-2010
Ian Fieggen, 11-May-1994
Ian Fieggen, 24-Apr-2009
Ian Fieggen, Jun-1995
Ian Fieggen & Inge Roedecker, 23-Nov-2008
Ian Fieggen & Inge Roedecker, 16-Sep-1996
Ian Fieggen, 13-Nov-2006
Ian Fieggen, 29-Feb-2004
Ian Fieggen, 2001
Ian Fieggen & Inge Roedecker, Oct-2000
Ian Fieggen, 14-Feb-1998
Ian Fieggen, 1997

Ian's Selected Photos
Click any photo to view a larger, more detailed version.
Uluru (Ayer's Rock), Central Australia - Click to enlarge Uluru (Ayer's Rock), Central Australia (May-2001)
Many tourists climb the rock, which, besides being both extremely strenuous and ignorant of the culture of the local aborigines, only affords a view of the surrounding desert. I believe the walk around the base provides many more spectacular views of the rock.
Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), Central Australia - Click to enlarge Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), Central Australia (May-2001)
After an interesting hike through this fascinating rocky landscape, we crested a spectacular lookout that looks down over the area into which we hiked next. We continued ahead and left around the back of the mountains to complete a circuit.
Our house in Spring - Click to enlarge Our house in Spring (Sep-2001)
Our house in Spring, viewed from the corner of our garden. All three of our newly planted fruit trees have just started to blossom. You can also see the new outdoor setting we bought to fit the verandah.
Fire at Wilson's Prom - Click to enlarge Fire at Wilson's Prom (Mar-2002)
My friend Neil and I visited Wilson's Prom on the weekend, only to happen upon a fire in one of the old accommodation huts. It was fortunate the weather was partly rainy, as this could otherwise have easily spread and devastated the surrounding bush of this beautiful national park.
Ian's ankle injury - Click to enlarge Ian's ankle injury (Jun-2002)
Coming down a flight of stairs at full pelt, I missed my footing and rolled my ankle really severely. Although not broken, I'd torn two ligaments and some bone. The sports injury specialist said it was the worst ankle injury he'd ever seen where the bone wasn't broken.
Ian's healed ankle (Apr-2005)
Ian's healed ankle
By comparison, here's a photo of my more or less healed and somewhat slimmer ankle today. The comparison would have been even greater had I taken a picture when my ankle was at its worst; I recall my leg somewhat resembling that of an elephant!
Sunset on our beach in Chelsea - Click to enlarge Sunset on our beach in Chelsea (24-Nov-2003)
With Summer just beginning, this spectacular sunset was perhaps a promise of the balmy evenings we'd soon be spending on our local beach in Chelsea, Victoria.
Kangaroo at sunset at Wilson's Prom - Click to enlarge Kangaroo at sunset at Wilson's Prom (13-Feb-2004)
We took a sunset walk at Wilson's Promontory, a huge national park at the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland. This kangaroo looked right at home and quite camouflaged in amongst the long grass.
Dinie Fieggen at 76 years old - Click to enlarge Dinie Fieggen at 76 years old (25-Feb-2004)
On Mum's 76th birthday, I took a quick, candid photo at a restaurant. This turned out to be one of the best photos of Mum, who always appeared uncomfortable having her photo taken.
Fieggen family reunion - Click to enlarge Fieggen family reunion (09-Mar-2004)
For the first time in 20 years, we had the whole of the original Australian branch of the Fieggen family together again at their home in Edithvale, Victoria. This photo shows Mum and Dad, five children, three spouses and seven grand-children.
South Gippsland hills in morning mist - Click to enlarge South Gippsland hills in morning mist (27-Aug-2005)
Driving through South Gippsland is always beautiful, with spectacular views of rolling hills. This chilly morning saw just the upper parts of the hills peeking out from a low blanket of mist.
Our back garden in Spring - Click to enlarge Our back garden in Spring (10-Sep-2005)
Spring in our back garden in Chelsea, Victoria. Our fruit trees are always bursting with new life, promising yet another great harvest of delicious home-grown fruit, from which we make our home-made jams.
Boat sheds on Edithvale beach - Click to enlarge Boat sheds on Edithvale beach (04-Mar-2006)
Group of boat sheds on nearby Edithvale beach, including Dad's shed (3rd from the left in the big photo). Hundreds of these colourful wooden sheds line Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia.
Smoke haze at Edithvale beach - Click to enlarge Smoke haze at Edithvale beach (09-Dec-2006)
Victoria's 2006 bushfire season was really bad, with smoke extending through much of the state. Here, the evening sun glows eerily through the haze at nearby Edithale beach.
Pincushion Hakea flower - Click to enlarge Pincushion Hakea flower (21-May-2007)
I found this fascinating flower on a tree in Chelsea during one of our walks. It looks a bit like a firework going off!
Happy lemon in fruit bowl - Click to enlarge Happy lemon in fruit bowl (03-Oct-2007)
After a storm, we collected several fallen lemons and put them into our fruit bowl. Imagine my surprise to find this "happy lemon" the next day when the bruises appeared. This was NOT staged!
Damselfly on oleander leaf - Click to enlarge Damselfly on oleander leaf (11-Feb-2008)
I'm always fascinated by the beatutiful wings on damselflies and dragonflies. This one perched nicely on an olander leaf in our front garden, perfect for photographing against the blue sky.
Ian's T.V. interview for Ian's T.V. interview for "A Current Affair" (20-Feb-2008)
After the release of my book, "Laces", I was interviewed for the Australian T.V. program "A Current Affair". Here's me with the interviewer, Brady Halls, plus the cameraman, Steve (whom we reckon looks like Aussie actor Bryan Brown).
Inge rescuing whales on King Island - Click to enlarge Inge rescuing whales on King Island (02-Mar-2009)
On our arrival on King Island, we learned that there had been a mass whale beaching overnight. We spent a remarkable, exhausting day helping countless islanders lug buckets of water to keep the living ones hydrated. All those whales that had been found alive were eventually rescued!
Heart shaped coffee stain - Click to enlarge Heart shaped coffee stain (23-Mar-2010)
I've never been one to interpret anything from tea leaves (particularly since tea bags were invented!) but this heart shaped coffee stain caught my imagination.
Long Swamp flooded by recent rains - Click to enlarge Long Swamp flooded by recent rains (14-Aug-2011)
Following a decade-long drought in Australia, it was amazing to at last see Long Swamp in our nearby Braeside Park filled with water, giving the old gum trees a much needed drink.
Ian with Huntsman spider - Click to enlarge Ian with Huntsman spider (04-Oct-2011)
Don't freak out! Huntsman spiders, although pretty large, are fairly placid and non-agressive. I found this beauty indoors, so I gently coaxed it onto my hand and took it outside to live in our garden and (hopefully) kill insects.
Departing Melbourne on ferry to Tasmania - Click to enlarge Departing Melbourne on ferry to Tasmania (02-Jan-2012)
Departing Melbourne on the overnight ferry to Tasmania, it was still light enough to capture this nice evening shot of Station Pier and the Melbourne city skyline.
Crepuscular ray along Bass Highway - Click to enlarge Crepuscular ray along Bass Highway (02-May-2012)
Crepuscular rays occur when shafts of light are visible passing through haze. We spotted this single ray, seemingly like a massive searchlight, along the Bass Highway in southern Victoria.
Churchill Island reflections  - Click to enlarge Churchill Island reflections (22-Jul-2012)
Despite rather inclement weather on our car trip down to Churchill Island, we were surprised to see these amazing reflections in the surprisingly calm waters surrounding the island.
Calm morning swim at Chelsea beach - Click to enlarge Calm morning swim at Chelsea beach (17-Jan-2013)
On a beautiful warm January morning, conditions were perfect for a morning swim at our local beach in Chelsea, with the water totally calm.
Globe lamp reflection - Click to enlarge Globe lamp reflection (05-Jul-2013)
A shiny globe lamp in a building foyer in Frankston provided an opportunity for an interesting reflected self-portrait of Ian and Inge.
Blue Spotted Hawker dragonfly - Click to enlarge Blue Spotted Hawker dragonfly (14-Jan-2014)
On a very hot day in January, this large dragonfly sheltering in a shady corner of our back yard allowed me to come close enough to take a great photo.

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