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Shoelace & Knotting Links Here's some links to other related web sites. Providing links is good "Netiquette", enabling the Internet to effectively become its own index. That way, even if visitors haven't found what they wanted on my site, it may at least have pointed them in the right direction.
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Family & Friends' Links
Osprey (French):
One of my brothers runs a chain of jewellery stores in France.
Bruce Fieggen's Project Management Blog:
My other brother, Bruce Fieggen, is a very senior project manager in the pharmaceutical industry. His blog, "Round Table Project Management", covers his "Thoughts on leadership and project management from today's newspapers, TV shows and Internet" (plus occasional extracts from the business novel he's writing on Project Management).
Raymond Korn Photography:
My nephew, Raymond Korn, is a professional photographer based around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Raymond's web site showcases his photographic work, particularly weddings, portfolios, clubshots and other portraiture.
Tony Palmer (author):
Tony Palmer is one of my longest standing friends, who I have known since secondary school. Tony has published four books to date, mostly appealing to a young audience. His latest book, "The Soldier's Gift", takes place around the first world war and the Gallipoli campaign.
A Memorial To The Wilhelm Gustloff:
My partner, Inge, was one of only approximately 800 survivors of the last voyage of the "Wilhelm Gustloff". Originally a cruise ship, the Gustloff was carrying thousands of refugees when she was sunk at the end of the second world war, killing an estimated 9,000 or more people. This is six times as many lives as were lost on the "Titanic", making it the biggest ever shipping disaster in terms of loss of lives.
Inge's Gustloff Testimonial:
Another Wilhelm Gustloff memorial site, to which Inge contributed a testimonial.
P.J. Meertens Institute:
Reference of Dutch surnames, showing the possible origins of unusual surnames like "Fieggen".

Geographical Links
Australia is my home! This is the official site of Tourism Australia, containing heaps of info about Australia in all its glorious beauty.
Victoria is the part of the country in which I choose to live. This site will give you a glimpse of what there is to see and do around my home state.
Kingston Historical Image Gallery:
Kingston is our local area in the south-east of Victoria. This site shows some interesting images of our local history.
Google Maps:
Better still, here you can see exactly where we live using Google Maps, which shows a satellite view with enough detail to see our house and garden! Pan to the left to see our nearby beach.

Education Related Links
St Francis Xavier's primary school:
My primary school during my years living in Box Hill.
St Joseph's primary school:
My primary school during my years living in Edithvale.
Bonbeach high school:
(No longer exists)
My first secondary school, which has since closed and the land sold for housing.
Mordialloc College:
My next secondary school, where I completed my education.
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