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Ian's Condensed History
This page will lead you through a small selection of my life's more memorable milestones, from my birth in 1962 through to the present day.
Ian Fieggen, Born Dec-1962 Dec-1962:
I came into this world on 13-Dec-1962, born in Wellington, New Zealand, the fourth of five children to Dinie and Chris Fieggen, both originally from the Netherlands.
Australia, Feb-1964 Feb-1964:
At just one year old, I arrived in Australia with my family on 28-Feb-1964 when my father, Chris, was transferred here by ANZ bank as part of the team that set up the bank's first computer system.
Mordialloc-Chelsea High School Logo, 1980 Dec-1980:
At the tender age of 18, I finished my high-school education, completing year 12 at Mordialloc Chelsea High School.
The Ian Knot, Jun-1982 Jun-1982:
While attempting to find a more symmetrical way of tying my shoelaces, I inadvertently developed a knot that proved to be much faster. This was the birth of the Ian Knot, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.
Ian's first driver's licence, 1983 Sep-1983:
At the age of 20, I went for and passed my driver's licence, then bought my first car the same week. Freedom at last!
Ian's Mentone flat, 1985 Mar-1985:
I found a great flat in Mentone, about 15 minutes closer to the city than my parents' home. It was really close to a supermarket, bank, post office, pizza place and laundromat, everything a bachelor could possibly need.
Ian's car: PAID-4, 1985 Mar-1985:
Having crashed my first car while moving house, a week later I bought my Holden Statesman: 1978 HZ, 5 litre V8 engine; the last Aussie car with classic styling and grunt. The "PAID-4" plates were fun while the car was relatively new.
Ian as a private pilot, 1985 Apr-1985:
Scarcely a year and a half after getting my driver's licence, I was taking to the skies as a private pilot. This fulfilled a dream from my teenage years when I flew model airplanes.
Ian and Inge, 1994 Feb-1994:
I met many really nice people during my years as a PC specialist, but when I met Inge we really "clicked". What started out with: "If we're both single, why not be single together?" soon blossomed into a true romance.
Ian moves to Chelsea, 1996 Dec-1996:
After almost 3 years of commuting between Mentone and Chelsea, I was finally able to move out of my flat and into the unit next door to Inge's after we hinted to the existing tenants that I was keen to take their place.
Chelsea home extension, 1999 Apr-1999:
After a year of planning and an unbearable 9 months of building, our extension was finally complete. Our home was at last big enough for Inge and me to both work from home and live together.
Added Ian Knot to website, 2000 May-2000:
Added the instructions to my Ian Knot to my hobby website. This marked the beginning of what would eventually become Ian's Shoelace Site and my alter-ego as "Professor Shoelace".
Ian's book 'Laces' is published, 2007 Oct-2007:
Seven years after starting Ian's Shoelace Site, the book based on the website was published. Laces was available in book stores across U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and Australia, though it is now out of print.
Ian's Laces iPhone App is published, 2009 Aug-2009:
Two years after publishing my hardcover book, Laces, my collection of shoe lacing methods and shoelace knots was republished in electonic form in Ian's Laces App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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