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About Ian Fieggen
Ian Fieggen & Inge Roedecker, Oct-2000 Hi, everyone. My name is Ian Fieggen (although I'm sometimes known as "Professor Shoelace"), I'm 54 years old, and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my long-time partner, Inge. I'm just a friendly Aussie guy, and both this site and my even more extensive Ian's Shoelace Site are my way of trying to contribute to the Internet.

To sum up my life in one paragraph: My parents are Dutch, I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and have lived in Australia since the age of one year old. I breezed through school, having a real aptitude for science and mathematics. I'm somewhat artistic, but more technical skill than creativity. My real forte has been in computer graphics, which I've experimented with since the very early days of computers. My most recent full-time employment was in a multi-skilled role at the head office of a chain of retail jewellers, for whom I did both technical work such as IT, programming and web site development, as well as producing all artwork and catalogues.

If you browse the rest of my site, you'll find out a lot more about me and what I have to share. I guess the main aspect of my character that comes through as a common theme is that I'm passionate about efficiency. Much of my website deals with different forms of efficiency, such as tying shoelaces efficiently, or optimizing graphic files to make them more efficient, to name but two examples. I'm also pretty easy-going, so if you figure this stuff is not for you, then that's cool too.

Find Out More About Ian
Ian Fieggen, 29-Feb-2004 Ian's Current Statistics
All the superficial stuff about Ian. The sort of information that will come in handy for recognising me in the street.
Ian's Favourites
More meaningful stuff about Ian. In addition, I recommend my favourite books, movies and music in the hope that you may enjoy them too.
Ian Fieggen, 06-Jan-1963 Ian's Condensed History
This page will lead you through a small selection of my life's more memorable milestones, from my birth in 1962 through to the present day.
Ian's immediate Dutch, German & French ancestry Ian's Immediate Ancestry
For those without access to my full Fieggen Family Tree, this page shows a compact version of my immediate Dutch, German and French ancestry.
Mordialloc-Chelsea High School Logo Ian's Education History
I pretty much breezed through and thus mostly enjoyed my years at school, and have been fortunate enough to maintain some close friendships to this day.
Ian on site as a PC specialist Ian's Employment History
Here you'll find most of my recent working life history. I've been lucky to have always found work that both appeals to and makes good use of my range of technical abilities.

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