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Contact Ian Fieggen
Contact Ian Fieggen

Unlike the remainder of my web site, this Family Tree introductory section doesn't really contain anything for which I'm expecting feedback. Nonetheless, I'd love to hear anything you have to say. Use the details below to e-mail me. Don't forget to mention where in the world you're e-mailing from! (I'm in Victoria, Australia).

To: website2017(at)fieggen.com

(Note: Replace the "(at)" with "@" to make a valid e-mail address)

Subject: Fieggen Family Tree Feedback

It's important to use the above subject line, otherwise your e-mail risks ending up with the dozens of spam messages that I receive every day.

I respond personally, usually within a day or two, so if you don't get a response it's likely that either my reply was flagged as spam or that your "Reply To" address was incorrect. Please check your own settings before trying again.

Ian values & respects privacy. Your e-mail address will not be added to a mailing list and will never be divulged to anyone else.
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